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CCLI – Providing Churches with Affordable Solutions to Complex Copyright Issues using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Church Copyright Licensing Incorporated (CCLI) started in 1984 Portland, Oregon USA. The original charter was to find a way for churches to easily use copyright protected music without violating existing copyright laws. Over the next 29 years CCLI has not only expanded its customer base to 240,000 churches worldwide but also expanded their list of product offerings.

In order to facilitate growth, CCLI has invested heavily in technology. Their website has been expanded to include a number of features such as; an online store to purchase and renew licenses, live chat, SongSelect (lyrics, lead / hymn sheets and music samples) and the newly launched customer reporting tool. The Australian Managing Director, Malcolm Hawker says "CRM Solutions is a strategic provider for CRM development and maintenance. The working relationship is strong and there is confidence and trust in the developers and management to bring expertise and best practice in the work conducted. Work is conducted in a positive and friendly manner".

CCLI has anchored their initiatives on a centralised Customer Relationship Management system built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM (MS CRM). All customer and license information is managed within the system allowing the team to effectively manage their various roles by providing a flexible platform which seamlessly adapts to CCLI’s fast paced business.

Big returns in efficiency were gained through automation. The original renewal process involved quite a bit of manual input from staff, it was time consuming (taking over one day to run), and prone to human error. Once the renewal process was automated within MS CRM the process can be run in under an hour. This was further expedited by online renewal processing which could be handled directly by customers via the online store.

CRM Solutions assisted CCLI IT staff migrate from Pivotal CRM to Microsoft CRM. After moving to the new platform CRM Solutions built a multi-lingual online store across multiple Asia-Pacific territories, and developed the automated processing for Licensing Renewals

The extra efficiency gained from automation has given CCLI staff time to focus on key areas of the business that were previously neglected. The extra time is used with Customers, and has improved the perceived value provided by the Customer Service Team.

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